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Emerald in ‘Get The Gloss’: Laser Fat Reduction – I Lost 4cm Off My Middle While I Snoozed

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A woman being treated with an Erchonia Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device for pain relief, fat removal, and fungal nail treatment

“Is the emerald laser better than fat freezing for fat loss? we tried out the latest painless new no-downtime treatment with wellbeing benefits.

Like many, I put on a few lockdown pounds – we’re on average five pounds heavier than pre-pandemic says the NHS. I wasn’t overly bothered, but when news came that a painless laser had launched that you could practically snooze under while it zapped your belly fat – or any fat for that matter – I was intrigued.

I’m often called on to test treatments – could the Emerald Laser (so-called because it emits green light) live up to its claims to instantly and painlessly shed inches? Its makers, Erchonia, says that people drop an average of six inches (15.2cm) after 12 30-minute treatments.” Read More

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