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Emerald Laser in Forbes: Trending in London: The Best Science-Driven Supplements, Sustainable Handbags and Crystal Wristlets

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A woman quickly getting rid of stomach fat and cellulite with an Erchonia professional Laser Lipo machine

“Meet EMERALD™ laser by Erchonia, a full body fat loss treatment that targets fat cells and shrinking them by extracting the fatty liquids inside without harming the cells. The laser is non-invasive, with no reported side effects and is completely painless, and is also the only laser that has been given FDA market clearance for overall body circumference reduction in patients with small pockets of fat and patients of up to 40 BMI.

Procedures that have been popular in the past (such as fat freezing) focus on the elimination of fat cells, but recent research has proven that this can be ineffective, and in the worst case, counterproductive as the fat may start to regenerate in other parts of your body or around the organs. The EMERALD™ laser effectively trains the fat cells to behave and react differently, and all without excessive heat or cooling.” Read the full article here.

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