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Future of Aesthetics: Emerging Technologies and Holistic Treatments

Video Summary:

Francesca Ogiermann-White, founder of The Beauty Triangle, opened the event at Biolite in Dubai, emphasizing its goal to educate consumers holistically about health and well-being. She highlighted the importance of tailored health solutions and introduced an impressive lineup of speakers: dental surgeon and aesthetic practitioner Dr. Yusra Al-Mukhtar, consultant dermatologist Dr. Derrick Phillips, and Mona Mirza, CEO of Biolite.

Key Discussion Points

  1. Holistic Approach to Beauty and Health:
  • Dr. Yusra Al-Mukhtar discussed integrating dental, aesthetic, and psychological perspectives to address patient needs holistically, focusing on vitality and a positive mindset as indicators of good health.
  • Dr. Derrick Phillips elaborated on skin concerns specific to the Middle East, such as pigmentation due to melanin sensitivity. He stressed the importance of tailored treatments for diverse skin types and conditions.
  • Mona Mirza spoke about Biolite’s holistic health services, including DNA skin tests and customized wellness programs that address both aesthetic and health-related issues.
  1. Innovative Treatments and Technologies:
  • Dr. Mukhtar introduced concepts like bio-stimulators and polynucleotides, which help regenerate skin components like collagen and elastin. She also discussed the use of Emerald Laser for body contouring, which optimizes fat cells without destroying them.
  • Dr. Phillips highlighted advanced treatments for hyperpigmentation, including the use of Pico lasers and tranexamic acid. He also discussed the potential of peptides as non-invasive alternatives to Botox.
  • Mona Mirza showcased SoftWave technology, a non-invasive ultrasound treatment for skin tightening that is particularly effective on the neck and jawline.
  1. Future Directions in Aesthetic Medicine:
  • Dr. Mukhtar and Dr. Phillips both discussed the future of regenerative treatments, including stem cell therapies and the use of exosomes for skin rejuvenation.
  • Mona Mirza outlined plans to introduce stem cell therapies at Biolite, highlighting their potential for organ regeneration and skin rejuvenation.


The event concluded with a Q&A session, where attendees engaged with the experts on various topics, including the efficacy of traditional treatments like PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) versus newer methods like polynucleotides. The discussion underscored the dynamic nature of aesthetic medicine and its increasingly intertwined relationship with overall health and wellness.

This summary encapsulates the event’s rich discussion, offering insights into the latest trends and technologies in aesthetic medicine and holistic health, demonstrating Biolite’s pioneering approach in the region.

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