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Hello! to the Future of Body Contouring With the Emerald Laser

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A woman being treated with the Emerald Laser for fat removal, body sculpting, and cellulite reduction

When the world says “Hello!” you know you’re onto something special. The renowned Hello! magazine, known for its exclusive peeks into the glamorous world of celebrities and royals, has recently showcased the transformative prowess of the Emerald Laser.

Dr Nima, of Remedi Clinic, London: The fat-reducing, energy-boosting laser:

At this moment in time, the Emerald laser is by far the most popular treatment in our clinic.

From the moment we introduced this treatment, it was a huge hit with our clients. It is not just a fat reduction device but has a significant health and wellness element too, boosting energy, which no other device in its category currently has.

Patients can expect an increase in energy levels after their treatment, plus there is no downtime, no discomfort and the laser can help reduce visceral fat as well as the visible fat that we see.” Read more

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