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Using Laser Therapy in MMA: A Game Changer

Video Summary:

The Beauty of Lasers: A Personal Connection

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, laser light shows at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry were the highlight of my youth. From the Beatles to Metallica, these shows captivated me. Little did I know, lasers would later transform my life as a chiropractic physician. Lasers, especially with the pioneering work of Erchonia, have become instrumental in treating a plethora of health issues.

The Guest Stars: An Olympian & A Neurologist

We were thrilled to host Dr. Mark Burdorf, a chiropractic neurologist, and Henry Cejudo, the youngest American wrestler to win a gold medal in 2008. Cejudo’s impressive journey from wrestling to a successful MMA career demonstrates the physical demands and challenges of these sports.

The Impact of Combat Sports

MMA athletes endure significant physical stress, from rigorous training to the fights themselves. Cejudo explains, “The sport I do is gravest on my brain.” He emphasizes the importance of finding the right resources for recovery and maintaining health.

Laser Therapy to the Rescue

Recalling a critical injury, Cejudo shared how low-level laser therapy made a phenomenal difference. After spraining his ankle before a significant fight, laser treatment accelerated his healing process. “It’s crazy to think how rapidly I recovered with the laser. It wasn’t 100%, but I was in a much better state after getting injured,” he remarked.

Neurology Meets Laser Therapy

Dr. Mark adds a layer of neurological expertise to this. Beyond just injury recovery, he focuses on neural rehabilitation, ensuring an athlete’s reflexes and neurological functions are at their peak. Combining this with chiropractic adjustments offers athletes a distinct advantage.

Protecting the Brain

Long-term brain health is pivotal. Reflecting on legends like Muhammad Ali, who sustained repeated injuries during his boxing career, highlights the necessity of proactive measures. “We’re trying to maintain [Henry’s] brain… he’ll have a very long life after these fights,” Dr. Mark emphasized.

The Future With Lasers

Many fighters are catching on to the potential of laser therapy. Cejudo envisions a world where lasers are ubiquitous, particularly for brain health. He underscores the need to think beyond the sport, stating, “We do have life after sports. We need to be able to communicate, to share our stories.”

Training Smart, Fighting Smart

As Cejudo gears up for a potential return and strives to set records, he stresses the significance of a well-structured training regimen, the right team, and the best technology. Every athlete’s competition, at the end of the day, is with themselves.

Final Reflections

Engaging in any sport requires a balance of passion, skill, and care. Leveraging laser therapy in MMA is an eye-opener for many, offering a blend of recovery, enhanced performance, and long-term health benefits. Whether you’re an athlete or an enthusiast, remember, as Henry Cejudo says, “Find the right team, take care of yourself, and never stop learning.”

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