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Harnessing Laser Therapy: Miracle Recoveries in Patient Case Studies With Dr. Kristin Hieshetter

Video Summary:

Recent advances in healthcare technology have sparked excitement, especially in the field of laser therapy. Dr. Kristin Hieshetter shares enlightening patient case studies, showcasing the profound effects of laser protocols on recovery.

A Dry Waller’s Miraculous Recovery

After a terrifying 15-foot fall, a dry waller suffered fractures in four lumbar vertebrae and nine ribs, not to mention concussion symptoms like loss of balance, headaches, and speech issues. The treatment involved:

  • Brain Protocol: Targeting different areas of the brain with specific time durations.
  • Cranial Laser: Used alongside a bigger laser for optimal results.
  • Supplements: An assortment of nutrients to enhance recovery, such as magnesium L3 and 8, premethylated B12, fish oil, k2d3, and more.

Outcome: Within 13 days, all fractures were healed, with the patient even doing somersaults without pain.

Athletes and Laser Protocols

Several athletes, like national Jiu Jitsu champions, have experienced the benefits of laser therapy for various injuries.

  • Shoulder Replacement Case: A patient still had shoulder pain post-surgery, but after two laser treatments, the pain vanished.
  • Brain-Based Rehab: Combining neurology with laser therapy offers substantial results, enhancing both brain health and function.

Rory: Bouncing Back from a Horrific Accident

Rory, a 42-year-old mountain biker, met with a severe accident that led to concussion and facial injuries. A combination of brain, skin, and ligament collagen laser protocols, spaced out in intervals, had him on the road to recovery. Within just one week, the transformation was evident, and the results exceeded expectations.

Daily Protocols for a Healthier Brain

Prevention is often the best cure. Dr. Hieshetter emphasizes the importance of daily protocols to prevent neurodegenerative diseases. Regular laser therapy combined with the right supplements can play a significant role in preventing conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Overcoming Bell’s Palsy and Trigeminal Neuralgia

One patient’s adverse reaction to a flu shot resulted in Bell’s palsy and trigeminal neuralgia. By following a simple laser protocol targeting the ganglia, the patient experienced a 75% reduction in pain and regained many of her lost abilities.

Conclusion: The Bright Future of Laser Therapy

Dr. Kristin Hieshetter’s insights shed light on the remarkable benefits of laser therapy, not only in treating injuries and conditions but also in enhancing overall well-being. The combination of laser treatments with appropriate supplements can offer fast, effective recovery, setting new horizons for patient care.

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