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London Workshops

Erchonia London Workshop

~ 7 or 14 Hours Retrospective CPD ~

27th & 28th November | 9:30am – 17.30pm
Location: Pullman London St Pancras, 100 – 110 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AJ
Price: One-day £99; Two-Days £150

About the Workshops

1) Dr Rob Silverman – Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November: Superhighway to Health: Gut to Brain, Gut to Optimising Health – Your gut is the epicentre of your health; A healthy gut is where the superhighway to health begins.

In this new insightful weekend presentation, non-thermal Low-Level Laser Therapy device expert, Dr. Robert Silverman, leads you through the latest developments in a comprehensive approach to treatment. Based on the plethora of quality new research, you’ll learn the value of laser therapy as a stand-alone modality or as a synergistic treatment that fits perfectly into your practice armamentarium. In his dynamic presentation, Dr. Silverman presents integrative approaches to performance nutrition, essential supplementation, improving immune function, functional assessments, current options for blood testing, and other new protocols that will help you attain superior clinical outcomes.

On day two, Dr. Silverman will lead you through an innovative demonstration showcasing how to use and maximise the efficacy of leading-edge non-thermal laser therapy technology. Utilising interactive demonstrations, he conveys to all experience levels how this hands-on approach leads to improved performance and recovery, and extended scope of practice.

2) Dr Jake Cooke – Sunday 28th November: Whiplash and Upper Limb injuries using Non-Thermal Laser – How does this fit into your clinical practice?

Dr Jake Cooke fervently believes that neuroscience helps us to understand and explain what our patients are experiencing and how to help them.

Neurology lies at the heart of movement, balance, posture, and pain. Understanding it can be the key to a great outcome and explain why a patient’s symptoms haven’t already resolved.

In this workshop, Dr Jake Cooke will discuss clinical anatomy and differential diagnosis of the most common causes of upper limb peripheral neuropathy. He will describe how a neck or shoulder injury can develop into radiating arm pain and how to understand the difference between primary and secondary pain sensitisation.

This workshop is focused on clinical application and avoids any unnecessarily complex neurophysiology or anatomy.

3) Dr Robert Sullivan – Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November: Non-Thermal Low-Level Lasers – Expanding your scope through clinical practice workshop

Dr Robert Sullivan is an active researcher in Non-Thermal Laser – his research includes Onychomycosis, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Pain Management, and Fat Cell Management.

In this workshop, he will look at medical problem-based learning within clinical practice and show you that it is not about having one frequency for everything; it’s about empowering the body with the energy it needs to potentially recover and function how it should.

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