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Free Webinar | Vitality: Management of Common Clinical Syndromes

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Speaker: Daniel Murphy, DC, DABCO.
Time: Sat July 31st, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST

About the Webinar

Meet us online for an extremely interactive 4-HOUR VIRTUAL SEMINAR  where our sole purpose is to provide inspiring live demonstrations and Q & A forum throughout with professor and research expert Dr. Dan Murphy, DC, DABCO.  Attendees will advance their skills with Dr. Murphy, DC who offers only the highest-level learning courses validated through extensive scientific research and proven techniques he has perfected through not only running his own full-time practice, teaching at LCCW but how he lives his daily life.  This is your chance to be up-close-and-personal “VIRTUALLY” learn from the best!

The knowledge and skills you will acquire during this action-packed 4-hour virtual seminar will change your life, your practice and your patient’s lives!

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