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Mastering Medical Device Marketing: Turning Investments Into Profit

Video Summary:

Vanessa, the UK and Ireland Sales and Operations Manager for Erchonia, introduces us to their Emerald laser – a premium solution for fat loss and cellulite reduction. One of the significant challenges clinics face after making such a considerable investment is ensuring a steady inflow of clients willing to pay for this treatment.

Positioning Over Discounting: A New Marketing Paradigm

Richard, from Boost My Customers, suggests that clinics often fall into the trap of discounting, especially when they’ve made big-ticket purchases. However, this approach doesn’t necessarily attract the desired clientele. The Emerald laser, for instance, is a top-tier device. If you discount it, you might not pull in those who truly value its capabilities.

The trick is in positioning: it’s about selling the transformation, not just the device’s name. Instead of promoting the “Emerald laser,” positioning it as a “revolutionary fat loss device” makes it more appealing.

The Guarantee of Quality Leads

Boost My Customers assures clinics a minimum of 30 leads each month. However, how do these leads turn into sales?

1. Laying Strong Foundations:

Before any ad campaigns launch, the team ensures that the clinic’s frontline staff understands how to convert leads. After all, a plethora of leads with no conversions isn’t beneficial.

2. Testing and Iterating:

The first month is typically a ‘testing phase’. With effective training, one out of every four leads can turn into a customer purchasing a treatment package.

3. Tracking and Transparency:

Richard emphasizes transparency. Clinics can track leads and their actions, seeing precisely how their investment in advertising is paying off.

Ensuring Quality Over Quantity

One of the challenges clinics face is filtering quality leads. The strategy Richard employs is ‘Premium Positioning.’ Instead of merely driving traffic to a clinic’s website, they develop a dedicated landing page with clear calls to action. This strategy funnels in genuine leads interested in the treatment, filtering out those who might not be the ideal fit.

Return on Investment: A Realistic Look

Clinics, especially new ones, are often anxious about their investment returns. Based on case studies, Richard suggests that clinics, on average, can secure around 40-45 quality leads in the first month. With a 25% conversion rate, that’s about 10 customers purchasing a treatment package.

Beware of Marketing Pitfalls

Vanessa and Richard highlight the need for caution when partnering with marketing firms. Many promise the moon but under-deliver, leaving clinics in a lurch. Some clinics even face repercussions for making unsubstantiated claims in their advertisements. It’s crucial to work with professionals who know the industry, its regulations, and how to deliver results without compromising integrity.

In Conclusion: Turning Investments Into Opportunities

Both Vanessa and Richard stress that clinics have a wealth of options to ensure a return on their investments. From leveraging existing customer databases to tapping into new leads, it’s about smart, strategic moves. By employing tried and tested systems, clinics can significantly transform their bottom line and continue to offer cutting-edge treatments to their clients.

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