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How Introducing Cold Laser Transformed My Podiatry Practice

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Podiatry, the specialized field of medical care dedicated to feet and lower limb issues, has seen remarkable advancements over the years. One such groundbreaking innovation is the introduction of non-thermal (cold) lasers in the field. In this seminar, we’ll delve into the experiences of Simon Paul, the founder of the Footlift London Clinic, and explore how the Lunula Laser from Erchonia® has transformed his podiatry practice.

Simon Paul’s Journey in Podiatry

Simon Paul, a renowned podiatrist, began his journey by drawing on his experiences in the Middle East. After living in Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait for several years, he returned to the UK three years ago. Armed with his extensive knowledge, he founded the Footlift London Clinic. In 2019, he started with just a handful of patients, but today, his clinic is fully booked every day, with two locations in Soho, London.

A Holistic Approach to Podiatry

Simon’s clinic doesn’t just focus on treating foot conditions; it emphasizes overall foot health. He has even developed his own line of skin and nail products, with a focus on nail health. This holistic approach sets the Footlift London Clinic apart.

Understanding Onychomycosis

One of the most common foot complaints is onychomycosis, a fungal infection of the toenails. Simon highlights that over 60% of people aged over 60 and one-third of diabetics have or are prone to onychomycosis. This condition often goes hand in hand with tinea pedis (athlete’s foot).

Causes of Onychomycosis

Onychomycosis can be triggered by both internal and external factors. External factors include poor foot hygiene, direct trauma to the nail plate, damp environments, and ill-fitting, non-breathable footwear. Simon points out that sometimes, even if fungal cultures come back negative, visible symptoms like thick, yellow, crumbly nails warrant treatment.

The Impact of Onychomycosis on Patients

Before incorporating the Lunula Laser into his practice, Simon found treating onychomycosis to be a frustrating endeavor. It often required topical applications and recommendations for nail hygiene. However, with the Lunula Laser and proper nail hygiene, the Footlift Clinic has achieved impressive results in treating fungal infections.

Case Studies – Transformational Results

Simon shares some remarkable case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Lunula Laser. In one case, a patient’s nail was so thick and damaged that traditional treatments were ineffective. However, after completing the Lunula Laser course, the results were impressive, and the patient’s quality of life improved significantly.

Addressing Other Foot Conditions

Besides onychomycosis, Simon has successfully used the Lunula Laser for treating tinea pedis, athlete’s foot, and soft corns. The treatment not only reduces symptoms but also provides relief and comfort to patients.

The XLR8 Laser – A Versatile Tool

In addition to the Lunula Laser, Simon introduces another remarkable tool in podiatry – the XLR8 Laser. This versatile device has proven effective in treating conditions like Achilles tendinopathy and tight calf muscles. It also aids diabetic patients in managing numbness in their feet.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Approach

Simon emphasizes that successful treatment goes beyond laser therapy. Proper nutrition, especially fiber intake, plays a significant role in improving treatment outcomes. He also highlights the importance of high-quality skincare products for maintaining healthy feet.

Conquering Fungal Infections

Simon concludes by acknowledging the challenges posed by fungal infections and the persistence required to overcome them. He shares that supporting patients through their journey is not just about physical healing but also helping them regain their confidence and sense of self.

A Beacon of Hope

Simon’s dedication to his patients and his commitment to using innovative technology like the Lunula Laser and the XLR8 Laser serve as a beacon of hope for those suffering from foot-related conditions. He encourages everyone not to give up and to seek comprehensive solutions to their foot health concerns.

In conclusion, Simon Paul’s experience with the Lunula Laser illustrates how the integration of non-thermal laser technology can revolutionize podiatry practices, providing patients with effective, holistic, and transformative care.

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