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Revolutionizing Pain Management: The Unprecedented Power of GVL Laser Therapy

Video Summary:

This webinar, presented by Dr. Robert Silverman, delves into the scientific innovations surrounding the Green and Violet Laser (GVL), a pioneering laser therapy device. The GVL stands out as the first and only laser of its kind to receive FDA clearance for treating chronic neck and shoulder pain, highlighting its significance in the medical field. Dr. Silverman, an accomplished chiropractic doctor and clinical nutritionist, leads the discussion, sharing his expertise and firsthand experiences with the GVL.

Introduction to GVL

Dr. Silverman introduces the GVL as a groundbreaking device in laser therapy, emphasizing its dual-wavelength capabilities that incorporate both green and violet light. The device’s design focuses on maximizing the electromagnetic transfer of energy to affected areas, thereby optimizing clinical outcomes. This is achieved without producing thermal effects, which distinguishes it from other laser therapies that rely on heat.

Scientific Insights and Clinical Applications

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Silverman explains the scientific principles that make GVL effective. He distinguishes between the concepts of energy and power in laser therapy, clarifying that while power denotes the intensity of the laser, the therapeutic benefits are more closely tied to the energy it delivers. He describes how GVL’s specific wavelengths enhance mitochondrial function and stimulate the cellular processes necessary for healing.

Dr. Silverman shares compelling clinical findings from his role as a co-lead investigator in the FDA trials for GVL. He notes significant improvements in pain management and healing in patients who have undergone GVL therapy. Additionally, he discusses the broader applications of GVL, including its use for conditions beyond neck and shoulder pain, such as autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Personal Testimony and Broader Impacts

Providing a personal touch, Dr. Silverman recounts his own use of the GVL to manage congenital torticollis, a condition that fused his neck naturally. His positive experiences have led him to incorporate laser therapy extensively into his practice, transforming it into a full laser healthcare center.

Moreover, Dr. Silverman addresses the broader implications of GVL therapy in sports medicine and general healthcare. He highlights the device’s role in enhancing athletic performance and recovery, as well as its potential in preventive health measures.

Q&A Session and Closing Remarks

The webinar concludes with a Q&A session where Dr. Silverman answers a range of questions from the participants, further elucidating the technical aspects and potential applications of the GVL. He reiterates the importance of this technology in advancing medical treatments and improving patient outcomes.


Dr. Silverman’s webinar not only sheds light on the scientific advancements brought by the GVL but also demonstrates its practical benefits in clinical settings. The GVL emerges as a significant development in laser therapy, promising improved therapeutic outcomes for a variety of medical conditions through innovative technology. His engaging delivery and comprehensive coverage of the topic underscore the potential of GVL to revolutionize aspects of healthcare and pain management.

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