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Revolutionizing Veterinary Care: The Rise of Laser Therapy Rentals

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Dr. Patricia Kallenbach’s Personal Journey

Back in the early days of my holistic practice, revenue was tight. The thought of investing in laser technology, which amounted to nearly a sixth of my gross income, was intimidating. However, a personal experience with my daughter, who broke her leg in a horse-riding accident, solidified my belief in its potential. I was familiar with the usage of laser therapy in human medicine and decided to take the leap for my daughter’s recovery.

With time, I integrated laser therapy into my veterinary practice. Over the next decade, my use of the therapy expanded dramatically. From purchasing a single unit, I moved to owning five of the PO 5000 older versions, all powered by the same profound philosophy of healing.

The Need for Expansion: Bringing Laser Therapy to the Doorstep

By 2019, I encountered a challenge. Several patients, especially those from remote areas, found it hard to visit the clinic regularly. Be it massive Mastiffs with severe injuries or horses from my stable requiring frequent therapy, the logistic issues were evident. I realized that transporting these animals to my facility sometimes did more harm than good.

Hence, in 2020, I invested in three more laser units, kicking off a laser rental service. This step not only ensured that animals received timely care but also drastically increased my practice’s revenue from laser therapy.

Why Rent Out Laser Equipment?

Many ask: Why take the risk of renting out such expensive equipment? There are several compelling reasons:

  • Safety: Erchonia lasers, which I use, belong to class two, making them safe enough for home use. Some clients have even bought their own.
  • Quality of Care: Renting allows pets to receive frequent treatments, essential for optimal recovery.
  • Practice Expansion: Offering a unique service like laser rentals attracts more clients and increases revenue.
  • Staffing Concerns: The current staffing crisis makes it a boon. Renting out lasers means the clients effectively become the technicians, reducing the in-clinic workload.
  • Enhanced Pain Management: Recognizing the significance of pain management is vital. Laser therapy offers a holistic approach, especially after surgeries, injuries, or ailments like pancreatitis.
  • Client Engagement: Renting promotes an active role in the pet’s recovery process, resulting in a more involved and informed client.
  • Building Referral Systems: Being one of the few in my community offering Erchonia laser rentals has attracted numerous referrals, expanding my clientele.

The Larger Picture: Laser Therapy in Veterinary Practices

My journey and experience with laser therapy rentals in the veterinary domain underline a broader trend. While my in-house and rental laser services continue to grow, it’s worth noting that laser therapy is still a relatively uncharted territory with immense potential. Whether it’s expanding a practice, offering cutting-edge treatments, or addressing staffing challenges, laser therapy rentals could be the next frontier in veterinary care.

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