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The Future of Healthcare: A Guide to Holistic Patient Treatment

Video Summary:

The Emergence of Multi-Modal Patient Treatment

At the recent Stand Talk CCR2023, a remarkable discussion unfolded between Dr. Jigna Patel and Vanessa Brown. Their conversation highlighted a crucial shift in the healthcare industry: treating patients requires a multi-faceted approach. It’s no longer just about addressing the external symptoms but also nurturing wellness from within.

Dr. Patel’s Perspective on Sublingual Supplementation

Dr. Jigna Patel, representing hot technology, a sublingual supplementation brand, emphasized the need for internal wellness. She stressed the importance of sublingual supplements in enhancing patients’ lives naturally and effectively, without invasive procedures.

Vanessa Brown and Emerald Laser Technology

Vanessa Brown, from Emerald Laser, discussed her technology’s role in wellness and mental well-being. Unlike traditional methods that destroy fat cells, Emerald Laser optimizes fat cell function by delivering photonic energy to the mitochondria, promoting a healthy cellular environment.

Synergy Between Technologies and Wellness

The Role of Fat Cells in Health

The conversation delved into the vital role of fat cells in our bodies. Healthy fat cells produce necessary hormones and aid in regulating insulin sensitivity. The discussion highlighted the importance of treating fat cells in a way that maintains their health rather than destroying them.

Mitochondrial Health as the Future of Wellness

A key topic was the significance of mitochondrial health. As we age, mitochondrial efficiency declines. Enhancing mitochondrial function, as done by Emerald Laser, is crucial for overall cellular health. Dr. Patel and Vanessa agreed that the future of healthcare would increasingly focus on cellular health and root causes of health issues.

The Power of Supplementation in Wellness Practices

Vitamin D3 and K2 – The Hormones of the Moment

Dr. Patel touched upon the critical roles of Vitamin D3 and K2 in maintaining health. These supplements not only support bone and immune health but also have significant impacts on fat cells and cardiovascular health, particularly in women.

NAD+ and NMN for Cellular Health

The conversation also covered the importance of NAD+ and its precursor NMN in maintaining mitochondrial health. This supplementation is key to optimizing fat cell function and overall wellness.

Integrating Wellness Into Clinical Practice

The Importance of Non-Thermal Laser Technology

Vanessa Brown explained how non-thermal laser technology, like Emerald Laser, contributes to overall wellness by recharging the mitochondria in various body parts, including the brain. This approach benefits patients internally, enhancing energy levels, sleep quality, and overall well-being.

The Need for Clinics to Adapt to Wellness Trends

Both speakers emphasized the urgency for clinics to incorporate wellness and health technologies into their practices. With the industry evolving rapidly, staying updated with the latest technologies and treatments is crucial for providing comprehensive patient care.

Conclusion: A Holistic Approach to Patient Care

The Stand Talk CCR2023 with Dr. Jigna Patel and Vanessa Brown was a thought-provoking session that underscored the evolving landscape of patient care. By integrating advanced technologies like Emerald Laser and sublingual supplements into clinical practices, healthcare providers can offer a more holistic and effective approach to wellness, ensuring patients receive the best possible care both internally and externally.

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