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The Revolution of Toenail Treatment: Unmasking the Lunula Laser

Video Summary:

As the season of sandals and beach visits dawn upon us, many are all too aware of the discomforting sight of fungal toenails. Dr. Christopher Bromley breaks down the future of podiatry with the Lunula Laser.

The Predicament of Fungal Toenails

Dr. Donald Pelto commences the conversation by pointing out a pervasive problem: toenail fungus. What used to be treated with oral medications, despite potential side effects, now has a promising solution in the Lunula Laser.

The Historical Battle against Fungal Infection

Dr. Bromley reminisces about the traditional remedies. He mentions how many prefer the age-old strategy of just ignoring the issue, hoping it’ll vanish. Yet, for those who sought treatments, topical solutions and oral medication like Lamisil were the go-to. However, these methods carry their own sets of challenges.

Introducing the Lunula Laser

In 2017, Dr. Bromley’s practice embraced the Lunula program. This FDA-approved, low-level laser treatment has shown excellent results both in clinical studies and Dr. Bromley’s extensive practice. It’s efficient, patient-friendly, and most importantly, doesn’t necessitate tedious, toenail-by-toenail sessions.

The Process: How Does Lunula Work?

With the original protocol consisting of four treatments, Dr. Bromley has tailored a comprehensive system to optimize results. The treatments spread across six sessions, complemented by procedures to manage and monitor toenail growth.

A Nuanced Approach to Treatment

Dr. Bromley emphasizes the importance of setting patient expectations. Not all toenails, especially those severely infected for extended periods, will return to their pristine state. However, with Lunula, significant improvement and eradication of the fungus are achievable.

Ensuring Proper Diagnosis

Before embarking on any treatment, Dr. Bromley’s practice sends out a nail specimen for testing. Often, what seems like a typical fungal infection can turn out to be an unexpected mold.

Comparing Lunula to Traditional Methods

Given the efficacy and ease of the Lunula treatment, many patients opt for this over traditional topicals or oral medications. The practice’s commitment to patient satisfaction even includes a provision to retreat if the patient isn’t satisfied after a year and fungal presence is detected.

Beyond Toenails: Lasers in Podiatry

Lunula isn’t the only laser making waves in podiatry. Dr. Bromley discusses his experience with the FX635 laser from Erchonia, which has been effective in treating conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Prevention: The Key to Long-lasting Results

Post-treatment, the emphasis is on prevention. This involves routine check-ins, regular foot hygiene, and the use of shoe sterilizers and tea tree body scrubs. Dr. Bromley emphasizes regular follow-ups, ensuring that any sign of recurrence is promptly addressed.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Toenail Treatment

The Lunula Laser represents the future of toenail treatments. Its effectiveness, combined with minimal side effects, positions it as the premier choice for those battling persistent fungal toenails. If you’re grappling with this issue, there’s no better time than now to consider Lunula.

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